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R. pattenii
RSBG - June 20, 2017

R. proteoides
RSBG - June 20, 2017

R. roxieanum var oreonastes
RSBG - June 20, 2017

R. pronum
RSBG - June 20, 2017

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The 2018 ARS Annual Convention will take place in Bremen, Germany from May 21st to 26th. The Dutch,German and Danish-Swedish Pre-Tours are from May 7th to May 20th. The ARS Board Meeting is scheduled for May 21st. The Finnish Post-Tour is from May 27th to May 31st. For information on speakers, gardens and registration, see the Convention Website:

2018 ARS Fall Conference - Chattanooga, Tennesee.
October 19-21, 2018. ARS Board Meeting.

2019 ARS Annual Convention - "The Philadelphia Story 2019: Rhododendrons In America's Garden Capital" is the theme. The ARS Annual Convention will be in Malvern, Pennsylvania from May 16 - 19. The ARS Board Meeting is scheduled for May 15.

2019 ARS Fall Conference - Parksville, British Columbia, Canada.
September 27 - 29. ARS Board Meeting.

2020 ARS 75th Anniversary Convention in Portland, Oregon.
Dates: April 30-May 3. ARS Board Meeting.

2021 ARS Annual Convention in Montreal, Canada.
Dates to be announced. ARS Board Meeting.

Websites of interest:

E-Flora BC is an Electronic Atlas of the Flora of British Columbia.  E-Flora BC "Rhododendron" search results

Websites that our members have found:

Marc Colombel's website which includes his album of rhododendron pictures and his Classification

Rhododendron Species Nurseries
Species Plants are available at the following Nurseries
(download pdf plant list by clicking on the nursery name below)
Lower Mainland:   Clays  Fearing  Riverbank